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Case Study: Onsite Workplace Clinic

Client Spotlight – Manufacturing Facility

An international automotive and aerospace manufacturer with a Michigan facility turned to National Diagnostic Services for a 24/7 onsite medical clinic. The board-certified, physician-led clinic is staffed by a nurse practitioner and incorporates the latest advances in medical care, education and prevention.

Employees and their families who are covered by the manufacturer for healthcare may visit the onsite clinic 24/7 with zero deductibles and copays—eliminating the need for high cost options such as urgent care clinics and hospital emergency rooms. The onsite clinic eliminates wait times and other barriers to seeking treatment with walk-in access, appointments, integrated care with their primary care physicians, and healthcare workshops.

Business Challenge

  • Provide integrated physician-led primary care
  • Contain medical costs
  • Remove barriers to employee preventive care as a means to stave off major chronic health conditions
  • Improve workplace health and safety


  • 24/7 coordinated care through onsite medical clinic
  • Board-certified, physician-led care with an onsite Nurse Practitioner and specialists via telemedicine

Initial Results and Pay-Off

  • True primary care integration with specialty services
  • Elimination of barriers to treatment
  • Worker compensation cases at reduced costs
  • Reduced ER visits and associated costs
  • Lower absenteeism for medical treatment
  • Employee healthcare and worker safety education
  • Healthier workers with increased productivity

Client’s Extended Pay-Off of the Onsite Medical Clinic

Onsite Workplace Clinics, NDS, Michigan

Several workers at this manufacturing plant independently came to the onsite medical clinic and presented a similar yet highly unusual skin rash. The onsite Nurse Practitioner coordinated a telemedicine visit with a dermatologist and used an onsite dermascope. They diagnosed the multiple cases and notified plant management; who then isolated the cause of the rash to a new chemical recently introduced in the plant.

Without the onsite clinic, each employee would have visited their own doctor resulting in multiple diagnoses and treatments. Each doctor would not benefit from seeing the pattern across multiple employees. The problem likely would continue for an extended time, with more employees obtaining the rash and thus more doctor visits; and associated costs.

The onsite clinic allowed for recognition of the pattern across multiple employees, which in turn led to quickly pinpointing the irritant’s source, uniform treatment and greater workplace safety measures. The clinical team followed up with an education workshop for workers at risk of chemical exposure.

"We knew investing in an onsite medical clinic was a bold choice. We reaped the expected benefits and so many more. Employee adoption was even higher than we anticipated—a real win/win for everyone."

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