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Employee Healthcare Seminars

Employee Healthcare Seminars

Employee Healthcare Seminars, NDS, Michigan

We provide onsite healthcare seminars to motivate and keep employees engaged in the Wellness program.

These 15-20 minute seminars are a fun way to give participants practical information on nutrition, exercising, and develop relapse prevention skills to keep them on track to a healthier self!

Examples of our most successful employee healthcare seminars:

Seminar Overview
Know Your Numbers Learn about the numbers that you and your primary care physician should monitor to keep your health on track, and what they mean.
Unjunk Your Junk Food Unjunk your Junk Food: Based on the book 'Unjunk Your Junk Food' by Andrea Donsky & Randy Boyer. Sample healthy alternatives to commonly eaten junk food, and be entered into a drawing for a copy of this great – and simple new book!
Heart Health 15 minutes session on taking care of your HEART - Learn about heart healthy food choices, and exercises.
10 Minutes for 10 Pounds! Do you have 10 minutes to learn how to lose that next 10 pounds? Join your coach to learn how, and see what 10 pounds of fat really looks like. Free door prize for each person who attends in person, plus a drawing for 5 pounds of weight you don’t want to lose – 5 lb. kettle balls!
Live Life in Real Time Discover how to live your life in real time through this simple yet powerful technique, the basis for the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Drawing for a free yoga mat.
From Recipe to Reality Learn to transform your favorite dishes into health-friendly (but still yummy) versions through this cooking light session. Leave with great recipes, and enter to win a subscription to 'Cooking Light' magazine!
Rock Your Steps Having trouble getting your recommended 10,000 steps per day in? Your health coaches will give you tips and ideas to Rock Your Steps up to 10,000 a day! Free drawing for a pedometer!
Sit & Be Fit How can I get fit when I sit all day at my job? Learn how to get fit while sitting with this great chair exercise session! Free exercise equipment and chair exercise instructions to all who attend this interesting and active 20 minute session!
Strut Your Stuff Walking is a great whole-body exercise, and a great opportunity for social support on your journey to healthy weight. Bring a buddy or two or three if you can, but make sure to come out to walk it off, get some sunshine and keep your 'Lose2Win' momentum going in the final stretch! (Be sure to bring sunscreen, sunglasses &/or a hat, water and walking shoes!) There will be a free drawing for a pedometer!
Walk It Off Join your coaches for this walk around your workplace. Learn some healthy tips, then put them into action in this 1 hour walking seminar. There will be a free drawing for a pedometer!
'Safe at the Plate' Game Show Bring your team of 5 colleagues out to kick some butt as you show off your 'MyPlate' healthy eating knowledge. Measuring cups for each member on a winning team!
Food Wisdom So what should I eat as I move forward??? There must be a new diet or two that comes out each week! Come out to learn or re-learn the eating wisdom of your ancestors (like your grandmother) and Michael Pollan, based on his best-selling book, 'Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual'. Enter a drawing for Michael’s latest book, 'Food Rules'.
Employee Healthcare Seminars, NDS, Michigan

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