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Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

We provide coaching that addresses key lifestyle behaviors that drive healthcare costs.

Employers commonly bear the financial burden related to employee healthcare. This includes not just the cost of health insurance but also employee absenteeism and lost productivity.

Empower your employees to choose to be healthy

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching, NDS, Michigan

Our healthcare coaching targets and corrects the root cause of the lifestyle behaviors that have the largest impact on healthcare costs.

Programs include a series of coaching calls. Health coaches consist of highly trained dieticians and exercise physiologists. We provide appointment and event reminders and also have an information portal to help facilitate health coach communications.

Examples of our most successful employee Healthy Lifestyle Coaching:

Seminar Overview
Smoking Cessation Coaching Smoking cessation coaching is one of our most popular healthcare lifestyle coaching programs.

Our compassionate and highly trained coaches treat each smoker as an individual with a unique tobacco-use history, accounting for lifestyle and motivation for quitting. Coaches offer proven strategies for overcoming smoking quitting fears, cravings, and nicotine withdrawal.
Weight Loss Coaching Weight loss coaching to achieve measurable and sustainable weightloss.

Highly trained dieticians and coaches work with employees to assess eating habits, physical activity and stress; and provide personalized weight management guidelines and tips to achieve a healthy weight.
Healthy Lifestyle Coaching Our Healthy Lifestyle Coaching continues to grow in popularity.

Employees can work one-on-one with health coaches. Our coaches help employee recognize critical lifestyle changes related to stress, nutrition, exercise and sleep. We provide guidance, design achievable goals and provide social support to establish and maintain lifestyle changes.
Healthy Lifestyle Coaching, NDS, Michigan Healthy Lifestyle Coaching, NDS, Michigan

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