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Mobile Wellness Clinics

Annual Wellness Visits held Onsite at your Workplace

Our Mobile Wellness Units bring annual wellness visits directly to your work locations to identify illnesses and chronic diseases early. It is more effective and less expensive to prevent illnesses than to treat them. Having our mobile wellness units right on site, encourages your team members to utilize covered insurance benefits, improves team member productivity and morale and can help reduce your healthcare program costs.

Education. Prevention. Health.

Our annual wellness visits are administered by physicians and licensed practitioners and can be onsite at any organization 24 hours per day – making access to healthcare available on all shifts. The Annual Wellness Visit focuses on educating the team member about his/her own health, establishing and then maintaining a personalized prevention plan that takes a comprehensive approach to improving health and preventing disease. Annual Wellness Visit provides easy access to care, and team members aren't faced with taking a day off of work to utilize the covered benefit.

Affordable Corporate Programs

Mobile Wellness Clinics, NDS, Michigan Employees utilize a covered benefit
We only charge for the team members that participate
We use onsite healthcare seminars to maximize team member participation

Medical exams can be custom tailored to include:

  • Annual Preventative Visit
  • Biometrics
  • Heart and Vascular Screening
  • Mammogram
  • CT Calcium Scoring

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Medical check-ups are underutilized by many team members. Our Mobile Wellness Clinic provides easy access to care without requiring team members to take a day off of work to utilize the covered benefit.

Mobile Wellness Clinics, NDS, Michigan
  • Self-contained, custom, mobile testing facility comes onsite
  • Turnkey Registration & Scheduling
  • Mail, Email & Print communication regarding service to team members
  • Confidential Reports given to each participant
  • Aggregate Report Cards provided to corporate host
  • Patients to be contacted if follow up care is recommended by practitioner
  • Generally is a Fully Covered Benefit

Benefits of our Mobile Wellness Clinics

  • Decreases health insurance costs
  • Reduces team member health risks
  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Increases productivity, morale & loyalty
  • Drives behavioral modification

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