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Onsite Wellness Clinics

A Healthier Team

Many larger companies are controlling healthcare costs by bringing health and wellness services to their employees with onsite workplace Clinics. Interest in workplace clinics continues to accelerate due to rising health insurance and healthcare costs.

National Diagnostic workplace clinics offer occupational, minor and acute care health services, as well as a full range of wellness and primary care services. Our onsite healthcare clinics are fully equipped, staffed and designed as a supplement to your team members' existing health care providers. We deliver integrated care with a focus on the prevention of chronic illnesses—the most costly to treat once someone is diagnosed. We dedicate ourselves to bringing high quality healthcare to the workplace and helping your team members get and stay well.

Onsite Wellness Clinics, NDS, Michigan Onsite Wellness Clinics, NDS, Michigan Onsite Wellness Clinics, NDS, Michigan
Benefits of Onsite Workplace Wellness Clinics
Employees Access to convenient and affordable health and wellness services
Employee healthcare education seminars
Employers Help contain medical costs, decrease workers compensation costs, increase productivity and enhance reputation as employer of choice
True integration of primary care with specialty services via telemedicine
Scope of Services
Planning and Build Out Management provided planning and analysis for onsite clinic establishment and construction, including the management of any necessary build-out and construction.
Provision of Personnel and Administration Management provided staffing of healthcare personnel within the clinic.
Clinic Infrastructure Manager provided general oversight and management of clinic services. To include operating budgets and forecasts, and preparation of strategic plans for the onsite clinic.
Communication and Reports Additional reporting, as reasonably requested, and evaluation of productivity and services, prepared by Management.
Health and Business Records and Information Management Management and maintenance of medical, patient account and other clinical and business records and information, consistent with Laws governing the privacy, use and retention of such information and records.
Oversight General oversight and management of onsite clinic, including administrative direction of personnel and overall functioning of the clinic operations.

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Onsite Wellness Clinics, NDS, Michigan

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