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Since 1997, National Diagnostic Services (NDS) has managed and operated primary care and specialty clinics throughout Michigan. In response to the needs of many self-insured companies, the nationally accredited NDS team has researched and developed a differentiated healthcare offering focused on onsite clinics that deliver integrated care with a focus on the prevention of chronic illnesses — which is the most costly for companies to treat once an employee is diagnosed.

The Challenge

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Healthcare in the United States is commonly episodic-based. As the cost of healthcare continues to rise dramatically, employers and Human Resource departments are seeking alternatives.

Companies want to keep employees healthy and increase workplace productivity while reducing employee and company costs for healthcare.

Traditional health options do not address lifestyle issues, absenteeism due to chronic diseases, barriers to seeking treatment, preventive care or the logistics of seeking treatment (e.g. scheduling time-off for self or family). With American’s spending the majority of their waking hours at the workplace, many companies are seeking a win/win solution for their employees (and their families) and the business.

Chronic Disease by the Numbers

Chronic Disease accounts for 65% of all corporate healthcare costs

Heart Attack $60,000 +
Clot Stroke $90,000 +
Hemorrhage Stroke $124,000 to $228,000
Heart Bypass $60,000 to $80,000
Angioplasty $57,000 +
Heart Valve $35,000 to $55,000 +

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