When posting a job listing, you as an employer are looking for someone with a particular set of skills and attributes to join your company. Likewise, potential employees have expectations of the companies listed in their job search. As an employer, it is just as important to meet employee needs as it is for employees to meet your company’s needs. So, what exactly are those needs?

Alignment of Values

Make sure the values of your company are clearly communicated in everything you do. From service trips to how you treat customers in crisis, there are many ways to communicate your values to potential hires. Find what is important to your company and put it into everything you do.

Learning Opportunities

No one wants to spend the entirety of their career at their desk doing the same monotonous task. Not only is it boring, it can actually negatively affect employee’s health. Offer classes, professional development, and other opportunities for employees to sharpen old skills and learn new ones. This breaks the monotony and professionally benefits both you and them.

Room to Grow

In addition to learning opportunities, employees need a way to put their new skills to use. Make sure to reward employees for their effort in self-improvement. Remaining in the same position for the majority of their employment does nothing to encourage them to work harder, smarter, and more efficiently. The best reward for high quality work is a promotion that better suits an employee’s upgraded skill set.

Flexible Work Hours

According to Harvard Business Review, right after health insurance, a flexible schedule is the highest most requested benefit by job seekers. This not only improves work-life balance, but improves the trust between employees and employers. After all, a poll showed about 8 out of 10 parents state flexibility and work-life balance as the most important aspects of a job.

Company Culture

Positive, happy employees that are fulfilled by their working environment create an enjoyable company culture. People want to work with a team they not only mesh with professionally, but also personally. You should strive as an employer to create an environment that reflects your company values while simultaneously uplifting employees.

Progressive Paid Time Off Structure

A simple, mandatory minimum of seven days off can communicate to job seekers that their time, health and happiness are valuable to you. This is obviously not possible for every employer to enact. It is important, however, to consider a stance that communicates that you value employees as a person and not a production tool.

Wellness Benefits

This can range from making healthy snacks available to providing an in-house gym. More employees are beginning to pay attention to their wellbeing, and employers should too. In fact, 94% of CEOs believe a health and wellness program is essential to attracting the best talent to their company.

While NDS Wellness cannot set your company values, we can offer our onsite clinics as a popular wellness benefit. By creating a new solution to an old issue, NDS provides quality healthcare directly to employees at an overall lower incremental cost to your company. Your employees are healthier and happier, and you’re spending less money. Want to take the first step to attracting top tier company talent? Contact us here.