Healthy employees are happy employees, so it’s in every employer’s best interest to invest in employee wellness. Health conscious workplaces rank up there with environmentally conscious workplaces as one of the telltale signs of modernity in business. So, how exactly do you, as an employer, turn your current company culture into a health and wellness culture? It’s more simple than you’d think.

Design your workplace around wellness

Keep spaces clean, comfortable, and organized. Whether this means delegating tasks to employees to keep their own spaces clean or hiring a cleaning service, removing unwanted items from the office is a necessity. This could mean taking ergonomics into account. Not only will health improve, but workflow will as well. Employees should feel inspired personally and professionally by their work environment.

Don’t force it

Your wellness culture should suit the actual needs of employees, not the needs you think they have. For instance, you wouldn’t buy a gym membership if you didn’t regularly work out at a gym. Pre-packaged solutions will not fix problems if they are not personalized to those problems. Additionally, by catering to what is important to employees, you almost guarantee their participation. You’re encouraging the positive steps in their health by offering the opportunities to take those steps.

Motivate employees

You don’t need a motivational speaker to inspire employees. Sometimes a simple competition will do the trick: the employees who run the most miles within a quarter will earn extra PTO or another reward of their choice, or something of the like. Employees’ mental health is just as important as their physical, so be sure to include motivation to attend counseling or take mandatory personal time off. Additionally, wellness participation should include not just employees, but also leaders from every tier of the business. This ensures that a culture of wellness is a priority at every level, and can serve as an example.

Create achievable goals

A wellness culture should not actively feel like work to employees. They should effortlessly and comfortably fit it into the pace of their life is currently at. Consider activities such as having a nutrition expert cater a meal for employees one day to introduce them to the healthy options available in or around your office. If that’s out of the question, providing healthy snacks can accomplish a similar feat. Small actions make a big impact, and because they are easily accomplished, employees will more than likely participate.

Look into health and wellness programs

Introduce an established health and wellness program into your business to benefit employees both short and longterm. For example, NDS Wellness has both onsite and mobile clinics to address employee health concerns up to 24 hours a day. Not only do health and wellness programs take control of healthcare costs, but they also improve overall employee recruitment, retention, and productivity. You can contact us here for more information on our services and benefits specifically.

Employees are people, not paid labor. Keeping them happy and healthy breeds innovation, inspiration, and an improved level of productivity. Invest your time and resources into the people who make your business great. You’ll find that improving their lives improves the company as a whole.