These days the doctor’s office is inciting more anxiety in patients than usual, but not because of the usual reasons. No, the anxiety consumers feel from their primary care physicians spurs from surprise medical bills.

The Impact of Surprise Medical Bills

According to a poll from HealthSparq and Hanover Research, 53% of Americans have received an unexpected medical bill in the last year. Often these bills were higher than expected, thought to be covered by insurance and then were not, or additional to a previous bill when only one was expected.

As a direct result, these surprise medical bills cause consumers to put their health at risk. They begin to avoid interactions with healthcare to avoid surprise bills. This keeps financial impact small. Because of confusing and frustrating medical bills, 40% of people skipped routine check-ups, 39% missed routine physicals or other preventative screenings, and 39% avoided the care when either they or a family member had an injury.

Consumers would rather suffer through sickness and injury than pay unexpected medical bills. This distrust of the healthcare system and lack of understanding of healthcare benefits and coverage has deteriorated the relationship between consumers and insurance companies.

Turning to Retail Clinics

Surprise medical bills have largely caused consumers to move away from traditional healthcare to more on-demand services, namely retail clinics.

The retail clinic offers convenience coupled with up-front billing, making it a very attractive alternative. It does not, however, completely replace a primary care physician. Most consumers use retail clinics to supplement traditional care for non-urgent medical needs. Minor illnesses or injuries, as well as vaccinations, top the list for retail clinic visits. Very few visit retail clinics for emergencies or chronic disease management. This is because retail clinics are not equipped to deal with such situations.

Eliminating the Source of Surprise Medical Bills

Billing ambiguity results from the majority of benefits and coverage options explanations being non-consumer-friendly and difficult to navigate. By defining specifics of the inclusions in benefits and coverage, consumers would feel more comfortable returning to their primary care physicians.

Because of this discovery, NDS Wellness uses a clearly defined health program. This avoids inciting financial anxiety in patients. In addition, NDS beats out retail clinics when it comes to convenience with their onsite medical clinics. These HeartMobiles provide annual wellness visits, chronic condition prevention and management, and other occupational, minor, and acute health services for organizations.

Employees do not fear onsite clinics. NDS Wellness outlines exactly what they include in their services, eliminating surprise medical bills. To learn how to acquire an onsite clinic for your company, contact us here.