PFAS fire fighting foam may be great for putting out fires, but it’s proven to be unsafe for the environment and the firefighters who use it.

Firefighters in Michigan still use PFAS to fight fires, while some states have banned the substance altogether. Firefighters always make an effort to clean up PFAS after extinguishing a fire with it. Of course, they must also protect the firefighters exposed to the PFAS.

Overexposure to PFAS has links to cancer, developmental delays, and other negative health effects. Because of this, firefighters must receive regular testing to ensure that the chemicals have not affected their health.

Regular PFAS Testing

NDS Wellness is dedicated to making sure firefighters receive regular PFAS screening.

Since 2017, fire departments in Philadelphia and Cleveland have partnered with NDS Wellness to provide Mobile Wellness Units to their fire stations. These clinics bring annual wellness visits on site to identify illnesses and chronic diseases early.

It is more effective and less expensive to prevent illnesses than to treat them. Fire departments have found that having our mobile wellness units right on site, encourages their team members to utilize covered insurance benefits. It also improves employee productivity, morale, and can help reduce their healthcare program costs.

Physicians and licensed practitioners administer our wellness visits and can be onsite at your fire station 24 hours per day. This makes accessing healthcare available to all shifts. This way, firefighters aren’t faced with taking a day off of work to take advantage of the covered benefit.

Keep your Firefighters Healthy on the Job

NDS Wellness strives to be the leading provider of mobile health clinics for fire departments. Fire chiefs have already had success using our early detection and preventative check-ups. This keeps their crew healthy and happy on the job.

If you’re a Fire Chief or firefighter who would like to offer mobile wellness visits for your crew, fill out this simple form and an NDS team member will reach out to explain how it works.