NDS Wellness has partnered with Public Speaker and Retired Detroit Lions Quarterback Eric Hipple to host a series of mental health workshops. This interactive and experiential program brings to light the issues many employees feel uncomfortable sharing during their health and wellness visits.

Eric Hipple headshot
Photo courtesy of EricHippleSpeaks.com

How will the Mental Health Workshops Work?

Each workshop will have a theme to narrow the overall design and curriculum, and best suit the needs of your office.

The themes cover various mental health obstacles:

  • Mental Fitness & Wellness Techniques
  • Imposter Syndrome & Blindspots
  • Substance Use In the Workplace
  • Motivation & Performance
  • Stress Management & Transitioning: Interpersonal Dynamics
  • Emotion Regulation & Problem Solving: Crisis Management
  • Ego Energy & Leadership: Exploration of Ego, Expectations & Success
  • Mindfulness Matters: Practical Implementation of Mindfulness
  • Mental Fitness for Lifestyle & Professional Development

What will Workshop Attendees Learn?

The workshops don’t just give an overview of mental fitness. They also delve deeper into the topics of social emotional health, motivation, effective listening, mindfulness, and interpersonal dynamics, etc.

Workshop attendees can expect to walk away with agile, adaptive mindsets, reduced stress responses, improved communication skills, and many other mental strength benefits.

Why Eric Hipple?

Following the tragic loss of his 15-year-old son to suicide, Hipple devoted his life to eliminating mental health stigma. He brings his expertise on mental health resilience to thousands of professional and educational communities across the country.  

Since beginning his work in Mental Health awareness, he has gone on to receive multiple awards. These include the University of Michigan 2015 Neubacher Award, Detroit Lions 2010 Courage House Award, and 2008 Life Saver Acheivement Award from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. He has also co-authored a study on depression amongst retired football players, like himself.

NDS is honored to partner with Eric Hipple and his expertise in mental health. As a result, we have the opportunity to make your office a healthier place, both physically and mentally.

Contact us to learn how to host a Mental Fitness Workshop at your workplace.