When a Philadelphia firefighter stopped in for his health and wellness check-up, he was not expecting to end his visit in the emergency room. Luckily, NDS Wellness caught six heart blockages early and saved his life.

Trouble at the Wellness Visit

Catalano went to his fire station’s NDS Wellness mobile clinic for a routine check-up. During the required stress test, the physician noted that Catalano began experiencing chest pain.

“[The physician] must’ve been seeing something on the screen, so he stopped me, took me off the treadmill, and put me on the table,” said Catalano. “He asked me how the pain was and I told him it was gone.”

The NDS Wellness physician immediately sent Catalano to the emergency room. There, they discovered six blockages in Catalano’s heart.

“I’m very grateful that [NDS Wellness] found what they found, when they found it,” Catalano said. “I could’ve lost my life in the next good fire.”

Keeping Firefighters Healthy

Since 2017, NDS Wellness has provided health and wellness, chronic disease management, and disease intervention to the Philadelphia Fire Department, Cleveland Fire Department, and many others.

“This is a good program. It saved my life,” said Catalano. “Thankfully, [NDS Wellness] found the issues that I had and I’m still here to talk about it.”

Fire chiefs use our early detection and preventative check-ups to keep their firefighters healthy year-round, like Catalano.

Bring NDS Wellness to your Fire Department

Our mobile clinics are available 24 hours a day directly at your fire station, eliminating the need to take time off or travel. Fire Departments have found that our onsite healthcare increases productivity, morale, and can lower healthcare program costs.

If you would like us to provide our best-in-class healthcare to your fire station, fill out this form and an NDS team member will reach out to tell you how.

Catalano tells his story: