Having employees be productive without any outside encouragement is every employer’s dream. Instead of bonuses and timesheets, you can improve productivity at your business using some sneaky, yet still effective, methods.

Check out these five ways to increase employee productivity.

5. Encourage Autonomy

Manage your workforce minimally. This encourages your staff to become self-governing. After all, employees are more productive when they feel that you trust them. It may seem counterintuitive to give unproductive employees more space, but you should allow them to be autonomous and solve their own problems. If you feel the need to make rules, align them with your company culture.

4. Give Employees the Tools to Succeed

Lack of productivity can result from technological gaps, meaning employees may not have the tools they need to be successful in their work. If your staff must spend their time on busy work tasks instead of their more meaningful work, you have just located a huge contributor to your productivity loss. Be sure to provide the automation, collaboration, and communication tools employees need to streamline tasks. With the right apps, your employees can easily and efficiently complete projects.

3. Offer Flexible Work Hours

Productivity can often boil down to timing. Some people are more productive in the mornings, while others thrive in the evening. Give employees the freedom to pick their own hours and you will see employees who were falling behind, instead fall into their groove. Always make sure that despite these differing hours, you clearly communicate company priorities and goals. This way, everyone is on the same page, regardless of when they read it.

2. Give Positive Reinforcement

Recognition is a powerful motivational tool. You do not need to offer physical bonuses for every incremental improvement. Sometimes, the best encouragement is simple verbal praise for an employee’s extra effort. By rewarding success, you are building positive employee/employer relationships and encouraging this level of productivity to continue.

1. Provide Employee Health Care On Site

Employee wellbeing is an often overlooked influence in productivity. A mobile clinic can come onsite to your place of work and directly take care of any employee health issues. This way, employees no longer need to take time off to travel off site for their healthcare needs. This convenient clinic also encourages employees to take advantage of their health benefits. With improved maintenance of their health and less time away, employees are better able to improve their productivity.

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Increase your Employee Productivity Now

We have just outlined five ways to increase employee productivity, but it is your job to implement them. Encourage productivity with trust, respect, tools, and, of course, a clean bill of health.

NDS Wellness provides health care on site to some of the best known employers in North America. Fill out this form if you would like to improve your productivity and provide your employees with accessible, affordable healthcare.