As the world begins its trek to normalcy, more and more businesses are gradually opening. While many people are eager to get back to work and start the economy again, others are nervous about their health, safety, and wellbeing.

It is crucial that employers keep safety a priority so that their employees can return to work safely and confidently. With careful preparation and active measures, businesses will soon be ready to get the ball rolling again. For some guidance, here are ten tips for back to work safety in these post-pandemic times:

1. Instill Temperature Checks and Covid-19 Sequential Testing.

Regulate the health of your employees by frequently monitoring their health. Consider regular wellness visits onsite at your workplace, or Covid-19 sequential testing upon return to the office. 

2. Maintain a Clean Working Environment.

Make sure the facility is always fully clean, disinfected, and equipped with proper cleaning supplies. Provide a place for hand washing (with soap and running water), hand sanitizer, wipes, masks, and tissues throughout the workplace. Be sure to frequently clean door handles, counters, and common surfaces, too!

3. Encourage Remote Activities When Possible. 

Remember, this is a transition! When possible, choose phone or video meetings, encourage telework, and cancel non essential business travel. This recovery process will happen slowly, but surely.

4. Promote Healthy Habits.

Continually encourage employees to keep their own health a priority. Besides requiring the use of masks and frequent hand washing, stress the importance of eating and drinking healthy, sleeping, and exercising. You can even educate employees by hanging up posters about Covid-19 symptoms. 

5. Keep Equipment Clean.

Although sharing is caring, it may not be during these times. Avoid using others’ office supplies such as pens, scissors, staples, etc. For larger machinery such as printers or fax machines, make sure they are cleaned regularly and between uses. 

6. Continue Distancing. 

Again, this is a gradual process! Eliminate physical interaction as much as possible and limit numbers of people in closed rooms. Additionally, consider different worksites, flexible work hours, dispersed breaks, and staggered arrival times, departure times, and shifts.

7. Change Workplace Layouts.

Close off certain common areas and limit seating around tables. For retail stores, provide visual markers on the floors to keep employees and customers at a reasonable distance. Restaurants should make the most of any outdoor space for seating.

8. Be Considerate.

Remember, we are living in a global pandemic. It has been an emotional few months for everyone, and these adjustments and transitions aren’t always easy. Take health concerns seriously and be lenient with sick days. Be mindful of both physical AND mental health!

9. Get Ready For A Culture Change. 

A lot has changed this past year, and it will certainly take some getting used to. Culture and etiquette are an example: don’t be surprised if there is no more hand shaking, no hugging, and less work bonding. 

10. Create An Action Plan if an Employee Tests Positive.

Employers must be ready to take action if an employee tests positive for Covid-19. Seek licensed provider interaction for all those testing positive, or for those needing medical advice. Make sure clear guidelines are outlined and shared with all, so that everyone is ready to move forward.


New safety precautions at work will be the key to a successful return. Employers must play an active role in protecting themselves and their employees during these unprecedented times. With comprehensive workplace Covid-19 sequential testing, NDS can help you get back to work safely! Contact NDS Wellness for additional information on how to make the health of you and your workplace a priority.

Are you ready for this new normal?