All 50 states have now started to “reopen” their economies to different degrees. Folks have started to flock to barbershops, hair salons, gyms, and so on. Many employers have begun to welcome folks who have been working from home the past few months back to the office.

And as these businesses have done so, many have been following the CDC’s “optional employer CDC guidelines” and have started checking customers’, visitors’ and employees’ temperatures with forehead “heat guns” before allowing people to enter a building.

But temperature checks alone aren’t enough to ensure that people entering your business aren’t carrying COVID-19: people who have been infected with the virus can start spreading it within a few hours or days, even before they ever show symptoms

This asymptomatic spread of the virus is one of the reasons epidemiologists and public health experts worldwide urged global lockdowns and slow reopenings: the COVID-19 is fairly easy “to catch,” and if a carrier doesn’t know they have it, massive spread can – and did – result. In fact, various reports have determined that 30 to 60 percent of spreading happens when people have no symptoms.


What Employers Can Do to Keep Workers and Visitors Safe

Obviously, employers need to make sure employees social distance at least six feet from each other as much as possible. To ensure workplace safety, employees should wear face masks whenever they cannot social distance and employers should make a requirement that any visitors entering the building wear face masks. 

Employers also may want to refrain from allowing visitors into the building, unless absolutely necessary. Supermarkets are an obvious example of businesses that have been open to non-employees since the beginning of the economic shutdown. But even with economies reopening and enterprises such as salons and gyms are eagerly welcoming customers back after months of business closures – albeit at much-reduced capacities – it’s still wise to limit who enters your business for the foreseeable future. (Banks, salons and other entities, for example, require that customers make an appointment before venturing inside.)

And – of course! – businessess should make sure employees who have the novel coronavirus that can lead to COVID-19 stay home.


And there lies the challenge: because workers with the virus may not know they have been infected, how can an employer keep them away from the office?

By providing COVID-19 testing services to your employees.

NDS Wellness’ mobile testing service can come to your office(s) to provide FDA-approved antibody qualitative testing via:

  • Nasal swab PCR testing and
  • Temperature screenings (complete by medical assistants)

We also can provide your workers with symptom questionnaire screening as well as interactions with licensed medical provides via telemedicine.

What’s more, we offer a state-of-the-art tracking and monitoring software platform that can “watch” employees’ results, ensuring accurate tracking of employees’ virus analysis results over time.


Benefits of routine coronavirus testing

  • Employees will feel safe knowing they – and their colleagues – are virus-free.
  • Customer-facing businesses can assure their customers their employees are virus-free.

Both will help keep your employees productive and visitors comfortable inside your business – which leads to increased revenue for your company.

Give you, your visitors and your employees a bit of calm in these anxious times by regularly testing your workers for the coronavirus.  Learn more about NDS Wellness’ comprehensive testing services.