As important as Covid-19 testing is in beating the pandemic, it’s quite difficult to get a test for an individual, and even harder for employers. 

Regular testing of employees is critical to ensuring work safety because people infected with Covid-19 almost always don’t know they have been infected until they start experiencing symptoms…and symptoms may not appear for days after infection, if ever! (Many people remain asymptomatic throughout the course of the infection.)

And because employees can feel fine for days after infection, if they come to work, they risk infecting other employees.


Most People Only Get Tested Because They Have Symptoms

Most people who receive a Covid-19 test do so only because they have started having symptoms. By then it’s too late: they may have infected one or more other people.

And even when they do get a test as quickly as they can, they often don’t receive results for a week or longer. Which means that even if it turns out they tested positive, they may already have infected others and those people may have infected others because they didn’t know they’d been exposed to someone with Covid-19 and so didn’t know they should self-isolate, thus keeping the virus from spreading to others.


No Tests Available, Plus Delayed Results Means Increased Infections

Testing and contract tracing are key to getting control over Covid-19. Unless most people stay home all the time, infections will continue to grow. Offering at-work testing for your employees helps businesses bring workers back to on-site to ensure work safety.

This especially is true in hard hit Covid-19 hotspots such as Florida, the south in general and on the East Coast.


Quick Covid-19 Testing at YOUR Company Location

You don’t need to send your employees away for testing. We come to your location(s)! Which means every employee could get tested before they even walk in the door: we use qualitative blood poke Covid-19 testing: results can be had in as little as 15 minutes! 

So if someone does test positive, they can be told to head home right away and your other employees can rest easy knowing possible virus transmission is averted.

In addition, contact tracers can start contacting the people positive individuals came into close contact with during the few days before their test, thus helping them know they should self-isolate, potentially reach out to their medical provider and get their own coronavirus test. 

This is a great thing on many levels:

  • An infected employee can contact their healthcare provider quickly for advice on fighting the virus.
  • They can self-isolate and keep therefore not infect others that they otherwise could have because they didn’t know they were infected.
  • Your other employees feel safe.
  • The community surrounding your location(s) as well as your workers’ home communities can be spared becoming hotspots.


Covid-19 Testing Delays Needn’t Be An Issue For Your Employees’ Safety

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