Initially established as an independent diagnostic testing company, NDS developed a Mobile Diagnostic Division in 2003 and became the first company of its kind to be awarded the prestigious ICAVL and ICAEL Accreditations from their National Boards. These high honors reflect the ongoing commitment to the highest levels of quality patient care and customer service and are the keys to NDS’s continuing success.

On-site Programs

In 2007, NDS expanded its scope to onsite programs for municipalities and self-insured corporations with the goal of removing barriers of participating by delivering a concierge level program at the place where people spend the majority of their time, their work. The demand for this service expanded NDS’s reach to a national footprint; currently servicing employers in 33 states.

Onsite programs are designed as a supplement to team members’ existing healthcare providers. We focus on educating participants regarding health status, behavior change options and seeking additional care when needed.


Committed to your team members’ wellness since 1997

Bringing Healthcare

Why use NDS Wellness? #1

Employee Recruitment and Retention: You need every recruiting advantage. NDS Wellness provides a distinct advantage for your recruitment by providing the benefit of on-site and on-demand healthcare plus annual check-ups for your employees.

This saves time for your employees and reduces absenteeism.


Why use NDS Wellness? #2

Take control of Healthcare costs: Medical costs can fluctuate by millions per year, especially with the use of specialists and higher-priced services. NDS works to increase the number of employees who use their annual healthcare visit benefits. During this visit, primary care physicians can identify diseases that may cause problems down the road. NDS then implements targeted programs to help your employees stay healthy, without the need for complex and expensive specialists. Thus, lowering your insurance costs.


Why Use NDS Wellness? #3

Remove barriers to healthcare: NDS delivers employee wellness and disease prevention 24 hours a day. Your employees simply make an appointment with their primary care doctor during their workday (even during the 3rd shift).

Employees receive excellent healthcare without having to take time off work, worry about childcare, or try and find a good doctor. Program costs are paid through the health plan you already budgeted for.