NDS Wellness is committed

to controlling healthcare costs by providing healthcare services directly to your workplace through mobile and onsite clinics.

Our 24/7 onsite medical clinics

Eliminate the need for high cost options such as urgent care clinics and hospital emergency rooms.

Our unique Mobile Clinic

Brings annual wellness visits directly to your team members; delivering easy access to care and eliminating the need to take a day off of work to utilize a covered benefit.

Our diagnostic services

Provide specialized care in cardiology, neurology, and radiology testing services to primary care practices.

Our healthcare education programs

Inform team members of critical healthcare topics via onsite and web-based presentations, seminars and materials. We apply a targeted approach, beginning with executive management’s development of a corporate strategy.

Our promotion activities and onsite presence

Ensure participation in your wellness initiatives. We are licensed throughout the US and operate 24 hours/day to accommodate all shifts.



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