Corporate Health and Wellbeing Programs

On-site and Mobile Programs

Our concierge-level health and well-being programs are delivered at the place where people spend the majority of their time- their work.

We currently serve employers in 30 states, and many of our programs are covered by your health plan because we have providers on-site focused on your employees.

Onsite programs are designed as a supplement to team members’ existing healthcare providers. We focus on educating participants regarding health status, behavior change options and seeking additional care when needed.


Convenient Healthcare Solutions- Bringing Better Health to the Workplace While Not Disrupting Work



We provide quality, cost-effective medical and diagnostic testing services. We quickly screen your team members for any problems that could impact their health and provide results and guidance for follow-up care as medically indicated.

  • Programs/materials/sign-up process customized to your needs/hours
  • Comprehensive screening services provided onsite
  • Licensed Healthcare Provider follow up on abnormal findings
  • Results sent to PCP/Confidential report to participant
  • Aggregate report provided to host
  • Regularly covered under health plan, not wellness budget

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can your mobile units travel to?

NDS Mobile units can travel all over US and are currently registered in 30 states. Inside delivery is also an option and may be more cost-effective based on locations and company size.

Are your programs covered by the employee health plan?

NDS is a healthcare provider and in-network with most insurance plans. We will work with your TPA to adjudicate the preventive visits through the health plan. (90 % of the program costs are through the health plan)

Does NDS assist in Incentive Management?

Many of our clients have designed incentive programs for employees to visit a provider for an annual exam. NDS can complete any necessary documentation and provide to the patient or HR to earn credit towards the program.

Does NDS work with other Wellness/Wellbeing vendors?

NDS believes in a comprehensive approach to health & wellbeing, and more than happy to participate with current vendors.  From referrals to other programs or data feed  uploads, NDS will work with all partners to reach out clients goals.

What types of reporting can we expect to receive from the NDS programs?

After the program completion, NDS will present an aggregate report outlining the top health risks of the population seen. In this report, you will have detailed aggregate information from the biometrics and provider review.  NDS will also present the survey results that can include feedback on future programming. 

We have attempted onsite health programs and participation is low. How can NDS help increase engagement of our team members?

NDS provides onsite presentations (shift meetings for manufacturing clients) to team members to explain what to expect when having an appointment on the mobile unit and emphasize privacy of their health information. Sign-ups are also available onsite.

NDS provides onsite blood pressure checks in break areas to engage team members and answer questions regarding the program. Sign-ups also available onsite.

How do you accommodate all shifts in a manufacturing setting?

NDS provides appointments during all shifts. Running night shifts to make sure all team members have access to the health programs.

Is there a referral process for those team members that do not see a Primary Care Provider?

NDS develops a referral network in all areas where the program is delivered. NDS makes sure that all the providers we refer to are taking new patients and accept the company health plan. 

How do you handle those team members that are considered High Risk during their assessment?

NDS has a protocol for high risk that involves follow-up 3-4 weeks after the appointment to ensure follow-up care has been initiated. NDS provides three attempts to reach these members and reports back to the client on an aggregate basis on those connections.

How much notice does NDS need to schedule a mobile unit?

Mobile units are scheduled at least two months in advance. Depending on the time of year requested, early scheduling is preferred. All programs need to launch promotion and patient scheduling one month prior to being onsite