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Mobile Clinics

Annual Wellness Visits Held Onsite at Your Workplace

Our Mobile Wellness Units bring annual wellness visits directly to your work locations to identify illnesses and chronic diseases early.

It is more effective and less expensive to prevent illnesses than to treat them. Having our mobile wellness units right on site, encourages your team members to utilize covered insurance benefits, improves team member productivity and morale and can help reduce your healthcare program costs.

Our annual wellness visits are administered by physicians and licensed practitioners and can be onsite at any organization 24 hours per day – making access to healthcare available on all shifts.

The Annual Wellness Visit focuses on educating the team member about his/her own health, establishing and then maintaining a personalized prevention plan that takes a comprehensive approach to improving health and preventing disease.

NDS Wellness is a leading provider of Mobile Clinics for large corporations, manufacturers, self insured companies, fire departments, and more.

Year-Round Healthcare

Many larger companies are controlling healthcare costs by bringing health and wellness services to their employees with onsite workplace clinics. Interest in workplace clinics continues to accelerate due to rising health insurance and healthcare costs.

National Diagnostic workplace clinics offer occupational, minor and acute care health services, as well as a full range of wellness and primary care services.

Our onsite healthcare clinics are fully equipped, staffed and designed as a supplement to your team members’ existing health care providers. We deliver integrated care with a focus on the prevention of chronic illnesses—the most costly to treat once someone is diagnosed. We dedicate ourselves to bringing high quality healthcare to the workplace and helping your team members get and stay well.

Onsite Clinics

Cardiac & Cancer Screening

Health Screenings

We provide quality, cost-effective medical and diagnostic testing services. We quickly screen your team members for any problems that could impact their health and provide results and guidance for follow-up care as medically indicated.


  • Programs/materials/sign-up process customized to your needs/hours
  • Comprehensive screening services provided onsite
  • Licensed Healthcare Provider follow up on abnormal findings
  • Results sent to PCP/Confidential report to participant
  • Aggregate report provided to host

National Diagnostic Services’ Staff

Consists of board certified physicians and a qualified staff that has more than twenty-five years of experience in testing, screening and allied medical services. Using the very latest in available technology we enable health care providers to efficiently expand the scope of their practice.


We utilize a total quality management process that continuously monitors, reviews, and evaluates medical procedures. Our physicians are always available for telephone case conferences with healthcare staff.



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