Firefighter Mobile Clinics


NDS Mobile Wellness Units bring annual wellness visits directly to your fire station to identify illnesses and chronic diseases early.

This is especially important for firefighters and emergency safety workers, who have rigorous, high-stress jobs. Having mobile wellness units on site encourages firefighters to utilize their covered insurance benefits. As a result, productivity and morale improve, and healthcare program costs for your fire department can reduce.

Physicians and licensed practitioners administer our annual wellness visits and can be onsite at any fire station in your city, 24 hours per day – making access to healthcare available on all shifts.

The Annual Firefighter Wellness Visit focuses on educating the team member about his/her own health, establishing and then maintaining a personalized prevention plan that takes a comprehensive approach to improving health and preventing disease.

NDS Wellness works with fire departments to bring improved

healthcare and convenient wellness visits direct to Fire Stations around the United States.

NDS currently works with Philadelphia and Cleveland Fire Departments to provide onsite firefighter healthcare that aligns with NFPA 1500 and 1582 requirements.

As part of our regulatory health screening services, and using our Mobile Clinics, NDS provides firefighters with early detection and preventative health physical exams directly at their station.

If you’re a firefighter, union member, or concerned citizen just looking to improve health and wellness for firefighters in your city, please contact us to get started. You can also download our Regulatory Screening Made Easy PDF to learn more about Firefighter Healthcare.


How Mobile Health Clinics are Impacting Fire Departments

Healthcare Services Focused on Firefighters


“NDS found that I had about six blockages in my heart ”

Tom ‘Tomcat’ Catilano, Philadelphia Fire Department

“We found, what I believe, is one of the best onsite health clinics out there in NDS Wellness. They understand firefighters and the health screening they need. NDS has saved so many of my brother’s and sister’s lives. I truly feel like I owe them so much.”

Jack Eltman – Recording Secretary/Office Manager Local 22
Philadelphia Firefighters’ and Paramedics’ Union

“NDS Wellness did what other mobile health clinics refused to do. Offering on site stress tests, and a cardiologist along with the doctor that was seeing the patient. I am sure they saved the lives of some of our firefighters through their expert health screening.”

April Smallwood – Infection Control Officer
Philadelphia Fire Department

Download our Guide to Regulatory Health Screenings

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