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NDS Wellness

Since 1997, NDS Wellness has been helping self-insured companies control costs and improve employee retention.

NDS Wellness is the leader in delivering top notch healthcare direct to your corporate offices or factories through our Mobile Wellness Units.

Research shows it’s more effective and less expensive to prevent illnesses than it is to treat them. Having a mobile wellness unit on-site will encourage your employees to utilize their insurance benefits, and over time lower your insurance costs.

But that’s not where our services end!

Mobile Imaging & Diagnostics allows our team to provide an even higher level of care. Providing early detention of cancers, heart disease, and other chronic conditions. All conveniently located and accessible within the workplace. 

Onsite Clinics are our self-contained, brick and mortar facilities that are accessible to your employees 24/7.

And our Regulatory Screenings are helping to keep employees within hazardous industries on the job. Providing easy to access, onsite regulatory health screenings makes the process quicker and more cost effective for your company. No need for your employees to take a half day off. They can be on the job again in the same day!

Download our PDF Overview on how to save money with Mobile Wellness Units from NDS Wellness.

Download our Info Sheet on the 5 Benefits of Mobile Wellness Clinics

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